Anatomicals - Day & Night Spot Stick [In English]

11/07/2010 11:16:00 PM

This is my first post in English for an english product(So,sorry for any mistakes) :)
I'm going to talk about this day and night treatment by Anatomicals that I won in a giveaway(thanks r8beauty!) and that I tested during last week...he promises to zap!zap!zap! spots and it really does!

First things first...the evening I received it I could not resist and I tried it because I had a spot on my chin, not sure of what would be happened of so miracolous...well,next morning there was already an improvement, the spot was a little drier and smaller.Then I applied it diligently every morning and every evening and on the fourth day, the spot was completely gone!
So,I can say it works wonderfully! Thanks Anatomicals ^ _ ^

The product is a transparent gel in the Day stick, white in the Night one-and the applicator is a sponge as the one used for applying lip-glosses.I can say you have just to pick up the product once or twice for 4-5 spots, so you consume only a little bit of product even using it twice a day in a week...which means that it will last a long time, indeed the term is 24 months.

Pics and swatch:


(Witch Hazel: essential oil used as astringent;Hydroxyethyl cellulose:emulsion stablishing)

Night:(Witch Hazel: essential oil;Isohexadecane:synthetic and 'green' ;Sodium Acrylate:anticaking;Sodium Acryloyldimethyl: emulsion stablishing;Taurate Copolymer:opacifying;Polysorbate-80: emulsifying)

Net Wt.: 7 ml (3,5 ml + 3,5 ml)
Price: 3 £ (3,50 € )
Recommend it? Yes,absolutely :)

See you soon ^^

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  1. Ma dove si compra?! Non ne ho MAI sentito parlare...

  2. guarda,nemmeno io prima di riceverlo...ti lascio il link al loro sito da dove si può acquistare ;)


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